A collection of abstracts is being  prepared before the Conference.

The printed version of the collection of abstracts is included in the Conference participant’s kit.

The author or the main author of the abstracts will be provided with one copy of the Collection in the Conference participant’s kit. Copies of the Collection are provided to the largest libraries of Russia on the basis of the list of obligatory free copies.

The electronic version of the Collection is published on: the Conference website, the website of the State Service of Reference Materials, the website of the Russian State Library, the website of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU and other databases.

Conditions for publication:

  • Abstracts are published in Russian and English in the author’s version (without editing), subject to compliance with the template of the abstracts and after the peer review procedure.
  • The Editorial Board (consists of members of the Conference Programme Committee) reserves the right to reject publication to authors whose article does not correspond to the scope, scientific level and/or publication requirements (including the length of the text, the design of tables and figures, bibliography).
  • Abstracts with promotional material should correspond to the scope of the Conference and are published for an additional charge, marked as “Promoted.”
  • The order and the peer review procedure of abstracts received by the Organizing Committee of the Conference are carried out in accordance with the section REVIEW.

The Editorial Board welcomes the publication of works by foreign authors.

Full or partial reprint of already published abstracts is not allowed.

The number of articles published in each release of the collection is determined by the Editorial Board, depending on the financial capabilities and the characteristics of the Conference.

The Editorial Board does not consider articles that do not correspond to the scope of the Conference and are sent after the announced deadline or do not meet the design requirements.

Executive secretary: Natalia S. Taraeva, tel.: +7 (343) 350-72-42
e-mail: rmconf2022@gmail.com , taraeva@uniim.ru