About the conference

The first International Scientific Conference “Reference Materials in Measurements and Technology” was held in 2002 at UNIIM. Previously, the Conference was called the Meeting of SSRM (GSSO) Authorities, All-Russian Conference with International Participation “Reference Materials in Measurement and Technology.”

The invariable organizer of the Conference is the Scientific Methodological Center of the State Service of Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials (NMC SSRM (GSSO)), the Ural Scientific Research Institute for Metrology (now UNIIM – Affiliated Branch of the D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM-UNIIM)); the co-organizer is the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).

The Conference is a leading platform for the exchange of experience and discussions between representatives of authorities, leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of metrology, specialists from scientific research institutes, centres for standardization, metrology and certification, representatives of national metrology bodies, national metrology institutes, ISO/TS 334 and CITAC members, enterprises and organizations of the industrial sector, etc.

In 20 years, the Conference has hosted more than a thousand specialists from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Iran, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Czech Republic, South Africa.

The Conference covers not only the development, production, and application of reference materials but also the issues of normative and legal regulation in the area of reference materials, metrological assurance of measurements in the area of healthcare, pharmacy, quality control and food safety, environmental monitoring, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, nuclear industry and other areas of industry, issues of metrological traceability of measurements and interlaboratory comparison tests, as well as general metrological issues.

Each Conference is accompanied by the release of a collection of abstracts in Russian and English languages. The Conference abstracts are published on the Conference website and the platform of the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU

In 2018, the Conference resulted in the publication of a book in English “Reference Materials in Measurement and Technology” by Springer.

A book based on the reports of the 2020 Conference is being prepared for publication.

The articles presented in the book were published in Russian in the Journal “Measurement Standards. Reference Materials”.

The uniformity of measurements: international cooperation in the area of reference materials (RMs).

  • Reference materials in ensuring the uniformity of measurements.
  • General academic and practice-based issues of development, release and production, selection and application of RMs.
  • Activities of national reference materials services in the CIS countries.
  • Specifics of certification and production of RMs for various substances and materials:
    • environmental objects;
    • food products, food additives;
    • biological materials;
    • pharmaceutical products;
    • pure substances and semiconductor materials;
    • pesticides, toxins;
    • water and aqueous solutions;
    • pure gases and gas mixtures;
    • ceramics, glass, refractory materials, and fertilizers;
    • polymeric materials, colouring agents;
    • fuels;
    • radionuclides and stable isotopes;
    • markers and indicators for qualitative analysis;
    • explosives;
    • narcotic agents.
  • RM distribution, meeting the needs for RMs in various areas of economic activity:
    • scientific research;
    • nanotechnology;
    • power;
    • nuclear industry;
    • space industry;
    • defence industry;
    • clinical medicine and bioengineering;
    • pharmaceutical industry and healthcare;
    • food industry, agricultural industry;
    • environmental protection;
    • nature management: search and extraction of minerals;
    • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
    • oil refining and gas-fuel industry;
    • chemical industry;
    • legal chemistry, anti-doping control.
  • Metrological traceability, commutability, RM comparison.
  • Experience of RM application at:
    • demonstration of calibration and measurement capabilities;
    • verification and calibration of measuring instruments;
    • validation, certification of measurement procedures;
    • control of the accuracy of measurement procedures;
    • interlaboratory comparative tests, etc.
  • Quality management system of manufacturers and suppliers of RM.
  • Reference laboratories: tasks and functions.
  • New measuring instruments, methods (procedures) for measuring the parameters of the composition and properties of substances and materials.


The Conference format is hybrid (offline and online). However, we hope that most of the Conference participants will take part in offline format with all the necessary health and safety measures.

The Conference includes holding plenary and poster sessions, as well as roundtable panel discussions dedicated to current problems in the field of reference materials.

We invite everyone interested in the development and determination of directions of scientific and applied research on reference materials, as well as their promotion, both technical and regulatory and methodological basis necessary to ensure the uniformity and accuracy of measurements.

Foreign and Russian specialists from metrological scientific research institutes, regional metrological centres, enterprises and organizations of the industrial sector engaged in the creation, distribution, and application of RMs, representatives of federal executive authorities, specialists in the field of legal metrology, health care, veterinary medicine, ecology, and other interested persons are invited to participate in the Conference.

Reference materials are used in various measurement types, so the target audience of the Conference is not limited to a specific scientific field.


The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart)
The D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Research Institute for Metrology (VNIIM)
The Scientific Methodical Centre of State Service of Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials