Publication requirements
Archive of publications

The Conference proceedings are published after the Conference.

At the request of the Conference participant and the decision of the Conference Programme Committee, the materials of the participants can be published as an article:


the Journal “Measurement Standards. Reference Materials”

Materials published in the Journal “Reference Materials” are published in printed and electronic form in accordance with the requirements of the Journal.

Scientific and Technical Journal “Measurement Standards. Reference Materials” is included in the “List of leading peer reviewed journals and publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences” of the Higher Attestation Commission in the field of sciences should be published: 05.11.00 Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Information Measuring Instruments and Systems.

  • For publication would be considered articles whose authors performed with the reports at the Conference (offline or online). The absence of the author may be the basis for the publication refusal.
  • The Editorial Board (consists of Programme Committee members as well as members of the Journal Editorial Board) reserves the right to reject publication to authors whose article does not correspond to the scope, scientific level and/or requirements for the authors of the Journal.
  • The articles should not have been published anywhere before and should not be submitted for consideration in other journals. The citation control is realized using the plagiarism checker (“Antiplagiat”).
  • The articles are published in Russian. Metadata of the materials (title, full names of authors, name of organization, abstract, keywords, and references) is published in English.
  • The presented articles should be relevant, possess novelty, content formulation of objectives (tasks), description of the main research results obtained by the author, conclusions.
  • All articles should be subject to double-blind peer review (the reviewer and the author do not know each other’s names) and editing (scientific and literary).
  • There is no charge for publication in the Journal.

Reference materials in measurement and technology

An article published in the Journal “Measurement Standards. Reference Materials” and translated into English have published in the Collection “Reference Materials in Measurement and Technology” in electronic form on the website of the Springer International Publishing with the subsequent provision of the article for indexing in the international databases Web of Science and Scopus.

The article is published in English. The Editorial Board independently organizes the translation of the article into English.

! The Organizing Committee would like to draw your attention to the fact that the copyright for the article is transferred to Springer. The publishing house reproduces, publishes, distributes, and archives the article in printed and electronic form and protects it from misuse.

The author has the right to self-archive his/her article on his/her website or on the website of the employer’s organization marked “The original publication is available at:” The author cannot use these articles from the PDF version of the publisher published on the site without publisher approval.


  • Author’s statement (download)
  • An electronic version of an article copy with the signatures of all authors is provided to the Conference Organizing Committee at ,