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ISBN: 978-3-030-32536-7 Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020


Proceedings of the Third International
Scientific Conference
2018 year
Sergei V. Medvedevskikh, Olga N. Kremleva, Irina E. Vasil’eva, Egor P. Sobina


The book covers in particular state-of-the-art scientific research about product quality control and related health and environmental safety topics, including human, animal and plant safety assurance issues. These conference proceedings provide contemporary information on the general theoretical, metrological and practical issues of the production and application of reference materials.Reference materials play an integral role in physical, chemical and related type of measurements, ensuring their uniformity, comparability and the validity of quantitative analysis as well as, as a result, the objectivity of decisions concerning the elimination of technical barriers in commercial and economic, scientific and technical and other spheres of cooperation.

The book is intended for researchers and practitioners in the field of chemistry, metrologists, technical physics, as well as for specialists in analytical laboratories, or working for companies and organizations involved in the production, distribution and use of reference materials.

Development and Creation of Reference Materials

Development of Interlaboratory Comparison Test Samples and Reference Materials for the Quality Assurance of Air Composition Measurements
Anna M. Bogacheva, Olga B. Ponomareva, Yuliya V. Kanaeva

Metrological Assurance of Dioxin Measurements. A Certified Reference Material for Measuring the Dioxin Mass Fraction in Animal Fat
Alexandra G. Budko, Alena Y. Mikheeva, Anatoliy I. Krylov

Development of Certified Reference Materials for Physicochemical Analysis. Certified Reference Solutions for the Composition of Aqueous Aluminium, Indium, Magnesium, Nickel and Titanium
Ianina I. Ermakova, Alexander V. Ivanov, Irina N. Zyablikova, Anna N. Shobina

Multiparametric Reference Materials for Metrological Support in the Area of Coating Parameter Control
Vyacheslav V. Kazantsev, Alexander S. Vasilyev

Reference Materials Used for Specific Safety Evaluation of Human Immunoglobulin and Human Albumin Products: Features of Development, Certification and Application
Olga G. Kornilova, Maxim A. Krivykh, Rauza A. Volkova, Igor V. Borisevich

Reference Materials for Ensuring the Metrological Traceability of Enzyme Catalytic Activity Measurement (KATAL)
Elena V. Kulyabina, Olga N. Melkova, Ekaterina A. Guskova, Tatiana V. Grebennikova

Manufacturing and Certification of Reference Materials for the Mass Fraction of Boron in Silumin
Dmitry G. Lisienko, Margarita A. Dombrovskaya, Eugeniya D. Kubrina

Preparation and Certification of a Reference Material for the Physical Properties of Clay Soils (Loam)
Ilona N. Matveeva, Vladimir V. Tolmachev

Development of Reference Materials for Thermodynamic Properties: Metrological Support of Measurements in the Field of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry in Russia
Andrey M. Nepomiluev, Vyacheslav V. Kazantsev, Artyom P. Shipitsyn

Development of Alumina-Based Porosity Reference Materials for the Mercury Porosimetry Method
Egor P. Sobina

Development of a Reference Material for the Composition of 0.1M Potassium Dichromate Solution. Certified Reference Material GSO 10992-2017
Alexander Yu. Shimolin, Alena V. Sobina

Development and Testing of a Certified Reference Material of the Lead Mass Fraction in Solutions for Measurements Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Methods
Alexey A. Stakheev, Tatiana P. Stolboushkina

Radiation-Sensitive Film Compositions for Measuring Absorbed Doses Within the 100–1000 Gy Range
Vladimir P. Tenishev, Ivan A. Emelyanenko

Developing a Reference Material Set for the Magnetic Properties of NdFeB Alloy-Based Hard Magnetic Materials
Ekaterina A. Volegova, Tatiana I. Maslova, Vladimir O. Vaskovskiy, Aleksey S. Volegov

Mathematical and Statistical Support of Reference Material Characterisation

Estimation of Consensus Value of Interlaboratory Measurement Results Accompanied by a Minimum Increase in Associated Uncertainty
Peter M. Aronov

Quality Assessment of the Preparation of Reference Materials of Moist Solid Substances
Sergej V. Medvedevskikh, Maria Yu. Medvedevskikh, Maria P. Krasheninina

A Method for Estimating the Certified Value Uncertainty of a Multicomponent Reference Material
Pavel V. Migal, Sergei V. Medvedevskikh, Valery A. Firsanov

Bismuth-Containing Glassy Reference Materials for Establishing the Content of Transition Elements Using Luminescent-Based Methods
Valentina V. Borisova, Valentin A. Kutvitsky, Elena V. Mironova, Inna A. Romanova, Olga I. Ostanina

Participation of the All-Russian Research Institute of Physical-Technical and Radio-Technical Measurements (VNIIFTRI) in International Comparisons in the Field of Physicochemical Measurements
Vladimir I. Dobrovolskiy, Narine G. Oganyan, Sergey V. Prokunin, Alexey A. Stakheev

Quality Improvement of Commercially Available Certified Reference Gas Mixtures
Leonid A. Konopelko, Anna V. Kolobova, Olga V. Fatina

Application of Raman Spectroscopy in the Quality Control of Injectable Medicines
Maria P. Krasheninina, Maria Yu. Medvedevskikh, Ekaterina V. Galeeva, Roman R. Galeev

Reference Materials for Isotopic Composition Used in Implementing Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry
Olga N. Kremleva, Tatiana N. Tabatchikova

Combined Measurement Uncertainty for pH-Values Using Certified Reference Materials in Potentiometric Measurements with Glass Electrodes
Samuel Wunderli