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     Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart), Ural Scientific Research Institute for Metrology – Affiliated Branch of the D.I. Mendeleyev ALL-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Metrology (UNIIM-Affiliated Branch of D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology), Scientific Methodical Centre of State Service of Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials, invite you to attend the IVth International Scientific Conference "Reference Materials in Measurement and Technology". This event will be held on 1-3 Dec, 2020 in «Kotchoubey Centre», Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Reference materials (RMs) are important tools in ensuring the uniformity, comparability and metrological traceability of measurement results in scientific research, production of substances and materials, ensuring safety of human life and health and environment, in product quality control. By ensuring the reliability of measurement (analysis) results and, as a consequence, the objectivity of the findings when making decisions, RMs play an important role in the elimination of technical barriers to trade, economic, scientific, technical and other spheres of cooperation. The conference will cover all areas, in which reference materials (RMs) play a role.

     The following issues will be discussed at the Conference:

•    academic and practice-based aspects of development, production, distribution and use of reference materials;
•    metrological assurance of measurements in different areas of economy;
•    primary reference measurement procedures and reference measurement procedures;
•    metrological traceability of measurements;
•    interlaboratory comparison tests;
•    international cooperation in the field of RMs;
•    RMs in Legal Metrology.

The conference includes plenary and poster sessions as well as the possibility to organize the conference online by Zoom platform.

The conference includes plenary and poster sessions as well as the possibility to organize Round Table discussions on current RM problems. A Round Table on RM issues for the needs of pharmaceutical industry is planned.

Participants of the Conference

      Reference materials are widely used in different fields of measurement, so the Conference target audience is not limited to a specific scientific area and will be of interest to scientists from various disciplines. We invite to participate in the Conference Foreign and Russian experts from research and metrology institutes, regional centres for metrology, industrial sector companies, engaged in RM development, distribution and use, as well as representatives of federal executive authorities, experts in the field of legal metrology, healthcare, veterinary medicine, ecology and other interested persons.

 Topics of the conference
  • The uniformity of measurements: international work, cooperation in the area of RMs. 
  • Reference materials in ensuring the uniformity of measurement results. 
  • General academic and practice-based issues of RM development, release, selection and use. 
  • Activity of national services of reference materials in the CIS countries. 
  • Specifics of certification and production of RMs of various substances and materials:
         - environmental objects;

        - food and food additives;

        - biological materials;

        - pharmaceuticals;

        - pure substances and semiconductors;

        - pesticides, toxins;

        - water and aqueous solutions;

        - pure gases and gas mixtures;

        - ceramic, glass, refractories and mineral fertilizers;

        - polymers, dyes;

        - fuel;

        - radionuclides and stable isotopes;

        - markers and indicators for qualitative analysis;

    - explosives;
        - drug
  • Distribution and availability of RMs in various areas of economic activity :
         - scientific research;

       - nanotechnologies;

        - energy and atomic industries;

         - space industry;

         - defense industry;

         - clinical medicine and bioengineering;

        -  pharmaceutical industry, health protection;

         - food industry, metallurgy;

          - environmental protection;

         - natural resource use: search and mining;

          - ferrous and non-ferrous industry;

          - petroleum refining industry, gas and fuel industry;

          - chemical industry;

          - forensic chemistry, doping tests.
  • Metrological traceability, commutativity, comparison of RMs 
  • Experience in the use of RMs in:
           - demonstration of calibration and measurement capabilities;

           - verification and calibration of measurement instruments;

           - validation and certification of measurement procedures;

           - control of accuracy of measurement procedures;

           - interlaboratory comparison tests, etc.
  • Quality management system of RM producers and distributors.
  •  Reference laboratories: tasks and functions.
  •  New measurement instruments, methods (procedures) of measuring parameters for composition and properties of substances and materials.
Skill upgrading of specialists in the area of RMs.
 Papers and proceedings of the conference

Presented for the conference materials should be issued as Book of Abstract and Book of Studies Book of Abstract is prepared before the conference starts and included in participant of the conference paper set.

Book of Studies will be composed after end of the conference. Presented papers could be printed in the «Measurement Standards. Reference Materials» Journal following wishes of participants and results of Programme Committee of the conference.

As the E-Book would be used the «Reference Materials in Measurement and Technology 2020», published by «Springer». After the release of the E-Book, the «Springer» will submit if for indexing to the International Databases «Web of Science» and «Scopus».

 Working language of the conference

      The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

  Conference Location

      Pushkin, St. Petersburg - a municipality with a rich historical and cultural heritage, with unique historical monuments, museums, and temples.

 Registration fees

     Due to the current COVID 19 situation in the world, the participation of foreign specialists is possible only online.
      The registration fee for virtual participants:

1)    is 80 $ / 70 ˆ  without printing publications in the Book of Conference;

2)    is 100 $ / 90 ˆ  including virtual participation and a Conference participant’s set and printing publications in the Book of Conference.

 Key deadlines
    30 Oct 2020 — Registration deadline.

    30 Oct 2020 — Abstract deadline.

    15 Nov 2020 — Fee payment deadline

 Organizers and partners

     Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology
     Scientific Methodical Centre of State Service of Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials

 Organizing Committee


   Conference Chair:

Sergei V. Medvedevskikh,
Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Director, UNIIM-Affiliated Branch of D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM-UNIIM )

4, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Ekaterinburg, Russia
Tel. +7 343 350-25-33

E- mail: uniim@uniim.ru


Egor P. Sobina
Cand. Sci (Chem)., Innovation Deputy Director, UNIIM-Affiliated Branch of D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM-UNIIM )

   Academic Secretary:

O.N. Kremleva
Acting Head of Reference Material State Service   

4, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Ekaterinburg, Russia
Tel. +7 343 350-60-68

E- mail: conference@gsso.ru 

   Secretariat Members: 

Natalia S. Baratova

Tel. +7 343 350-22-45
E- mail: conference@gsso.ru